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Terms and conditions

To use this melanoma risk calculator you must agree with the following terms and conditions of use.

The calculator is not intended to be used as a substitute for an independent health professional's advice.
Please read the disclaimer for more information.

Emily's risk assessment tool aims to give an estimation of an individual's risk of developing melanoma over a 5 year period.

This model does not predict mortality or the risk of spread of melanoma once diagnosed.

The model is designed for use by doctors in the clinical setting to assist in the communication of risk to their patients. It is highly recommended that you discuss your personal risk factors and results of your risk assessment with your doctor.

Australian immigrants may be at lower risk of melanoma compared to individuals born in Australia. Melanoma risk is very low for Indigenous and darker skinned Australians. Our tool provides a crude guide only for such individuals.

During the development of this model, we have highlighted shortfalls in our current understanding of some risk factors, namely past history of melanoma, risk for number of family members affected, and number of non-melanoma skin cancers. This tool may be updated as new information becomes available.

For information on risk factors not currently included in this risk model, please click here.

This model needs to be validated in order to find values that define risk groups appropriately in the Australian setting.

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