Emily's Melanoma
Risk calculator

Factors not considered

In this calculator some factors have not been included:


Australian immigrants may be at lower risk of melanoma compared to individuals born in Australia. Age at arrival in Australia is thought to be the main factor affecting level of risk in immigrants.

Melanoma risk is very low for indigenous Australians as well as immigrants with skin phototype IV to VI. Our tool provides a crude guide only for such individuals.

Phototype and sun exposure history

Inability to tan has been shown to have the strongest relationship to melanoma of all non-naevus risk factors, however, it tells us little about sun protection behaviour. We do know that UV exposure correlates well with latitude. Given that tanning ability and sun exposure history are prone to recall and reporting bias, we selected latitude to reflect the higher incidence of melanoma in northern states which was most likely due to sun exposure.

Immunosuppression, sunbed use and phototherapy

These risk factors were not included given the small number of studies available from which to draw conclusions and the limited population for whom they are relevant.