Information for Patients
Where is the clinic?
The clinic is shortly moving from the fourth floor of the Outpatient Building of the Alfred Hospital to the first floor of the new Alfred Centre. Enter the main entrance of the hospital from Commercial Road and ask directions at the enquiry desk.
When is the clinic held?

The clinic operates on Wednesday mornings from 8.30 am to around 1.30pm in the afternoon.

Who is eligible to attend the clinic?

Anybody who has a recent diagnosis of a new melanoma (confirmed with a biopsy) or complications from a previous melanoma can attend the clinic. A referral from your local doctor or the doctor who is treating you is required. When you have a referral you can call our clinic coordinator, Marisa Ianzano, on 03 90760365 to make an appointment, or fax the referral to 03 90765799.

  Can I bring a friend or relative?

Yes, we would encourage you to bring someone with you.. A friend or relative may accompany you during all or any part of your attendance at the clinic at your discretion.


Will my melanoma treatment be done on the day that I attend the Service?


No, the purpose of your visit to the clinic is to thoroughly assess your situation and to help you make a well advised decision about the treatment that is most appropriate for you. Bookings are made to undertake the treatment at an appropriate time in the near future following your attendance.


How is the service different from that provided by an individual treating doctor?


The service brings together doctors from all the different specialties that are involved in the treatment of melanoma to give you advice and a plan of management that takes account of all aspects of your problem and its treatment. The service also provides you with the opportunity to discuss your questions and concerns with experts in all of the relevant fields of medicine and surgery. We will communicate our assessment to your treating doctor.


Does the clinic provide ongoing review for patients that have a diagnosis of melanoma?

  Following treatment of the melanoma that was responsible for the initial referral to the VMS it is most often appropriate to return to the doctor who referred you or your local doctor for ongoing check-ups. Where there are no suitable medical services available, the VMS runs a monthly follow-up clinic at the Skin and Cancer Foundation of Victoria, in Drummond St, Carlton.
  What is the cost of attending the clinic?

There is no out of pocket expense associated with attending the clinic.  If treatment is arranged by the VMS you may elect to have treatment as a public patient (with no out of pocket cost) or you may elect to have private treatment either in The Alfred or in a private hospital. In the latter case there may be out of pocket costs depending on private health insurance arrangements.

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